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(MLM-intern) – Mil Santos und sein Partner Nicatea haben ein neues Video in die Welt gesetzt. Und bevor wir hier irgendetwas fehlerhaft übersetzen, hier die Originalhinweise von Mil zum neuen Video usw.:
Mil Santos – Singer, Songwriter, World Traveller – From Colombia to Japan and then to Kreuzberg, Berlin. His gripping voice expresses his Colombian nationality, and his words are piercing. He raises his voice from the old continent and sings of new worlds.
On the 1st July his album “EN VIDA!” will be available for purchase.
His name in English means a thousand saints, and they light his way through worlds and cultures, just as the microphone and guitar accompany him on stage. These stages stretch from Germany all the way back to Colombia. You can find him on lineup of famous festivals, underground clubs, or last year even in Bogotá in the Plaza Bolívar, as 40,000 people sang his song ” llegó el día llegó” at full blast.
This 1st July “EN VIDA!” finally comes out. Mil Santos’s new album is a collaboration with the singer Nicatea. She allows her powerful vocal variety, along with her own words, which are sung for the most part in English, to join the flow. This means that you hear the completely natural ease with which both the artists combine the two most widely spoken languages on our planet.

“Nothing can connect two worlds as strongly as the invisible, as music.” (Mil Santos)
This energy, stemming from such a multicultural fusion, is representative of a new generation who see pre made stencils, like “rules of conformity” and “patterns of habit” as negation of artistic freedom.
From “EN VIDA!” we hear a future orientated, positive approach to global transformation. Passionate and honest in a knowledge audiable in every lyric, which overcomes language, nationality and generation. From a new and resolved perspective. This realistic and life affirming expression is packed into an electronic-acoustic fusion of modern beats and latin rhythms, as well including as hip hop and electro elements. Food for your body and soul, to dance and to feel. This sound and this statement make hope, live music and joy even greater.
You can also look forward to the appearance of the Black Eyed Peas guitarist George Pajón.
Mil Santos and Nicatea are joined by professional musicians from everywhere under the sun.In 2009 they supported Culcha Candela on their entire D-AU-CH tour, along with Soundsystem, representing the EP “Creo”.
Shortly after this they were flown along with the whole band to Medellin, Colombia, in order to be involved in two concerts at “Zona Norte”: the realisation of a socially groundbreaking project for the history of Medellin, on the largest open air stage, being broadcast on live TV. For the purposes of this stay the artists also gave music and lyrics workshops, which lead to day-long exchanges with young people from the surrounding Barrios. These days were captured on film by the documentary film maker Diego Garcia, who is very well known in Colombia.
In 2010 Mil Santos and Nicatea once again went to Colombia. Mil Santos’s song ” llegó el día llegó” was used in the presidential campaign of the Colombian green party. Because of the large amount of media coverage throughout the whole of Colombia, Mil Santos and Nicatea were received by a huge media contingent some days later in Bogotá, Colombia. After many concerts and many more interviews (ZDF, CNN-USA, Billboard-Magazine, Funkhaus Europa among others) in Bogotá, Cali etc, the high point took place on the Plaza Bolívar in the heart of Bogotá in front of 40,000 people.
Back in Germany both artists, along with their Live-Crew, played enthusiastically on familiar stages such as “das Haus der Kulturen der Welt” in Berlin, the stadium in Wiesbalden to mark a formula 1 fundraiser, the “Festival Mundial” (Holland), in which they were extremely excited (as with many other performances) to be on the line up in between Calle 13 and Sean Paul.
The work on “EN VIDA!” began, and it was soon ready. Mil Santos is, along with Shakira and Juanes, an ambassador of Colombia. A land that has already survived so much strife, yet nevertheless spreads so much vitality and courage throughout the world.
So this mix of southern sounds that let your body sway, and groovy urban beats that make your feet move came to be, and so began the work on En VIDA!
“Music is the ends and the means, a home in every place!” Mil Santos
Mil Santos and Nicatea came up with the title “EN VIDA!” or “Alive!”

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