Roskilde Festival 2010 – Hip Hop Acts vom Feinsten

Auch in diesem Jahr finden die Besucher des Roskilde-Festivals in Dänemark unter den über 150 Bands ständig etwas auf den zahlreichen Bühen auch für den eigenen Geschmack. Da passt auch die heutige Meldung aus Roskilde zum Thema Hip Hop, die wir hier gerne im Original veröffentlichen.
Das Roskilde Festival findet vom 1.-4.Juli 2010 statt, warm up ab 27. Juni 2010. Tickets können hier bestellt werdenn und hier findest Du auch alle Bands, die auftreten.
Three strong acts with lots of flavour, power and hot temperatures have joined the music programme in the final phase. With the following artists, hip hop, funk, soul and jazz twine in and out of each other like lianas.
HOCUS POCUS (FR) is set with the biggest font sizes at French music festivals. Outside of France it is still only a hard core who knows of their organic electro-acoustic mix of hip hop, funk, soul and jazz. The strong-in-numbers ensemble charms the audience with equal parts elegance, humour and exuberant musicality.
HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE (US) aspires to revive the brass-oriented jazz genre. They go at it with guerrilla-style fighting spirit by playing their hip hop-infected jazz brass in subways and on street corners. In the concert halls they have exchanged notes with figures such as Tony Allen, Maxwell and, not least, Gorillaz.
SENSATIONAL & SPECTRE (US) are two of hip hop’s more intricate minds. Sensational is widely talked about and respected in the hash-hazy underground circles as one of New York hip hop’s most original, babbling and darkly prophetic voices, and Spectre’s productions are equally recognised in the underground where he is also known as ’The Ill Saint’. With this double billing you can prepare yourself for a trip into a tangled jungle of bass-heavy beats, narcotic wavelengths and twisted rhymes.
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