AUCAN with Black Rainbow – new mp3 and longplayer

Black Rainbow’s concept can be summarized by the monolithic title track’s lyrics: “In sky where no star is shining / There’s a light where nobody stands”. A dark rainbow is firmly outlined against the colours in the album cover, realized by Francesco D’Abbraccio.

Recorded and mixed by Giovanni Ferliga, the album came out last February 18th on vinyl by Tannen Records. It’s an innovative work, both for the sounds and for the musical composition: it ranges over a wide variety of genres, from the dubstep to the breakbeat and ambient landscapes with a great impact.
Aucan can fuse their rock band attitude with the sound of the most recent English electronic productions, making their live set and their album something unique.

A-1. Blurred (Feat. Angela Kinzly)
A-2. Red Minoga (Short Edit)
A-3. Heartless
B-1. Sound Pressure Level
B-2. Storm
B-3. Embarque
C-1. Crisis Bpm
C-2. Underwater Music
C-3. Save Yourself
D-1. Away!
D-2. In A Land
D-3. Black Rainbow
Tannen Records

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