Die! Die! Die! go on tour in Germany

“Form” is Die! Die! Die! like you have never heard. It’s the album they’ve wanted to write since exploding into venues in 2003, and the one you knew they would. The Nick Roughan-produced record will see the return of one of the noughties most critically celebrated rock bands on 1st April 2011, with a five week european tour to follow soon after.

“Form” boasts a reckless, driven dynamic and a sometimes menacing sound. The kind of energyridden anarchy of their debut record – based on rhythm and volume – with the bursting melodies of 2007’s ‘Promises Promises’, the two fronts colliding in a hurricane of noise. Whatever you call it, “Form” s relentless and sometimes unsettling. It has all the ferocious energy and bursting melodies of their live performances, and while it can tear through you one moment, it also shows a band trying on something different. In the band’s own words, “We are bringing grace to our records because we are allowed to”.
“Form” still has plenty of the Die! Die! Die! style of cataclysmic punk, yet, with the help of Roughan, the band have also crafted a new, more densely layered sound combined with haunting melodies. This is obvious from album opener “Caseman” which immediately throws a wild, elevating verse at the listener while “Howye” along with ?We Build Our Own Oppressors“, bombard you with shattering choruses.
It’s on “Wasted Lands” though that the band have defined the sound of “Form”. With “Wasted Lands” they hurl vocal acid, tumbling drums and feverish guitars ceaselessly in a frenzy of excitable, youthful garage punk precision. The album has received massively high praise in the bands native New Zealand where the trio have enjoyed five star reviews from rock and mainstream press and the support from thousands of new fans.

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Tour dates:
23.04. München, Atomic Cafe
24 Apr 2011 Vienna Szene, Austria
29.04. Esslingen, Komma
30.04. Offenbach, Hafen 2
02.05. Köln, Tsunami
03.05. Würzburg, Cairo
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