ESC 2011 – Has Lena Meyer Landrut been the song for the Grand Prix

Are we still sometimes be quite honest? After today’s second final in USFD – Our Song for Germany, at the really nice songs by Lena Meyer-Landrut were presented, we now stay at our favorite Taken by a stranger.
Today’s favorites for the audience choice, etc. Push forward and Mama Told Me are even really upbeat songs that could possibly have the Euro Vision Song Contest and opportunities to a relatively good place, but with the title Taken by a Stranger may Lena and Germany also show once we hit other notes able than all other Kommerzkram at the Grand Prix.
But we must wait of 18 February 2011 in Germany TV station DAS ERSTE  and then we wait for the Germans finally choose the song for Dusseldorf. We are really anxious to see if general pop-musi ” is selected, or a little more extraordinary pieces.
Taken by a Stranger The song fits great in our opinion, to Lena and will show Europe that we want to defend our title with slightly different compositions and maybe even can.
And a good place among the top ten should be enough too.
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