ESC 2011 – Lena at the British bookmakers to # 1

Like last year to Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Oslo Lena Meyer-Landrut traded for ESC 2011 in Dusseldorf quite high.
See here: Lena at # 1 with the English bookmakers in 2011
What I say: “… very high” – No, the UK bookmakers set Lena (yet so are not all songs of the participating countries known) actually bet on the 1st place?.

Madness! Last year Lena was in 2nd place before the end Azerbeijan and Lena won the Grand Prix.
We also assume that Lena is in May in Dusseldorf show a good finish in the top ten. She now has plenty of fans also in Europe and certainly brings votes. Where you actually must always remember, as this is chosen at € Eurovision Song Contest is not the singer, the singer or the band, but the best song. So the composer gets the prize. But that hardly anyone knows well. The ESC is also a personal choice made.
Now it is wait, then, let’s see on which place Lena next week with the English bookmakers is when out what song is sung in Dusseldorf.
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