Eurovision Song Contest – Austria – Charlee wants to compete against Lena

Charlee, Austrian pop miracle has now latched in the title race to the euro vision song contest 2011th Austria makes even this year at the ESC 2011 in Dusseldorf with again and are currently looking for suitable candidates, that is a participant and song for the “Grand Prix” in Germany.

The German participant Lena is already for some time, our defending champion is still looking for the right song for Germany.
Charlee is now in Austria among the top 10 finalists of the competition and there would of course like many other artists too like the other countries involved, Lena defy and bring the victory home. Charlee has certainly opportunities.
It was a really exciting phase of voting in recent weeks. Ultimately made the SMS-voting 50% of the spectators the decision. The other 50% went to the jury, consisting among others from the ORF Ö3. The jury decided before the SMS voting for CHARLEE. Advance the public vote, the judges scores were deposited at the notary.
On 02/25/2011 Charlee must prevail in the final at 20.15 clock in the ORF against 9 other candidates to represent Austria in Germany to be allowed.
Das Video mit Charlee
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