ESC 2011 – Hungary Top 4 favorite – Kati Wolf – What About My Dreams

Even today it is we continue with the presentation of the top favorites for the ESC 2011 in Dusseldorf. On the basis of the list of English. Bookmaker bet we come to the on position 4 of this title:

This space occupied by Hungary Kati Wolf and the title What About My Dreams.
Hungary also has to first by the semi-finals. This means that Hungary will fail there, they are actually in the final on 14 may 2011 not there. But now Hungary is among the favorites.
Kati Wolf is with the age of 37 years to the older participants, making music since 1981. 2010 she was with at X-Factor and then also published her first own album.
“What About My Dreams” is a pop song, which in our opinion, despite being practically the whole pop stand out monotony somehow. Why assess the English this song as a favorite, heaven knows.
But look and listen yourself:

Kati Wolf at Wikipedia

Video Kati Wolf for hungary with What About My Dreams

: MTV/Gergely Holtzl
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