Line up Roskilde Festival 2011 complete

This year’s Roskilde programme has treats for headbangers, hip hoppers, hippies, hipsters – and everyone else.

Today, Roskilde Festival’s music director Rikke Øxner presented this year’s music programme. She announced The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys who will both be at the top of the 2011 poster along with Iron Maiden, M.I.A., Mastodon and Kings of Leon, to mention a few.
Band list
“This year’s programme contains experiences that you’ll only find at Roskilde Festival. We have some exclusive Scandinavian appearances, e.g. Arctic Monkeys and PJ Harvey play their only Scandinavian festival gig at Roskilde. We also have special setups and series of appearances custom-made for us. Add to that solid setups in genres such as hip hop, metal, electronic music and good old-fashioned rock. There should be something for all music lovers,” says Rikke Øxner.
New stage makes room for the skewed and delicate
The music director points out the festival’s new intimate stage, Gloria, that has room for only 1,000 people and thus becomes the festival’s smallest.
“Gloria gives us the opportunity to present a series of acts whose delicate expression would easily have drowned on the other stages. For instance, Wang Li from China who plays minimal compositions on a Chinese Jew’s harp. We also present chamber pop with American band Dark Dark Dark, jazz with the Danish-American saxophonist John Tchicai together with Elektro, we have singer-songwriters, electronica … I could go on,” she says.
The Gloria stage is also the name associated with an area that was called Nordic last year. This year it is further developed so that it – as an extension of the stage’s musical content – is a quiet and intimate oasis amid the crowds, with a focus on immersion and aesthetics. The area is illuminated at night by a bright halo of yellow lights placed in trees surrounding the square.
Labyrinthine container city at the camp site
Another new development on site is the container town of Poor City that the festival is preparing at the moment. Poor City is the concrete expression of the festival’s humanitarian campaign Statement focusing on poverty and inequality and, in particular, homelessness.
“The idea with Poor City is that it is to be shaped as some kind of maze where you can get a little lost and perhaps get a little uncomfortable. The basic idea is to make the audience aware of poverty and inequality in a different way. Hopefully it can evoke both thought and consideration – even at a festival,” says Roskilde Festival spokeswoman Christina Bilde.
Roskilde Festival takes place on 30 June – 3 July 2011 with warm-up in the period 26 – 29 June. The camp site opens 25 June at 18:00.
Tickets are for sale on A ticket for the whole week costs DKK 1,725 kr (approx. 232 euro) and a one-day ticket costs DKK 875 (approx. 117 euro).
The band schedule with stage slots and stage allocations for all acts is expected ready in June.
Press release Roskilde Festival 2011

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