ESC 2011 in Düsseldorf – Kids-Vision Song Contest – around the world

Great music competition for children from around the world
Before the stars of the music industry in May at the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in Dusseldorf Arena occur, children are allowed to access the capital to the microphone:

On 24 April increases in the steel plant on the road Ronsdorfer the final of the “Kids-Vision Song Contest”, which is the “center of the Turks living in Europe” (ATAM) organized and conducted with the support of the city. In addition to parents and children to schools and youth recreational facilities are encouraged to apply to gifted children.
Participation is open to all children in Düsseldorf – with or without a migration background. Each European country – except Greece, Poland or Turkey – should be represented by at least one child in the preliminary round in mid-March. In the preliminary round then the twelve finalists will be selected. The winner of the competition given the opportunity on one of the stages in the program of the ESC in the city to act as the World Children’s Day on 18 September.
Registration for the “Kids-Vision Song Contest” via the website applicable from Monday 7 February is enabled. The website is designed multilingual. Upon receipt of the notification, children and parents invited to each event. By calling 0211.89-95175 can also be obtained from the city registration forms, if no Internet access is available.
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