ESC 2011 in Dusseldorf – Thyssen skyscraper as a giant TV

It is large, it is unique, it is time for the Eurovision Song Contest: the biggest television in the world on the facade of the Thyssen skyscraper in the middle of the City of Dusseldorf, the venue of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2011th

“We can produce 6,300 square meters in area at the Thyssen Building, the largest television in the world – a real Mega TV,” said Marc Kömmerling. The idea was brought to the Düsseldorf Entrepreneurs in the ESC idea exchange in the city. Mayor Dirk Elbers is thrilled with the creative concept: “The Mega TV we can get the people here in town and in front of the TV all over Europe.
The Euro Vision Song Contest brings the potential of our city and our citizens with a force in the public, although I’ve hoped for, but that was not expected. ”
Planned is a projection period of 4 to 14 May During this period, when there are tens of thousands of fans, guests, visitors and international journalists in town. “We can send the best images from Dusseldorf in the world.
There can be more publicity idea for our city is not possible, “said Marc Kömmerling. The city, facing the tower facade is visible from afar and could even top of Kassel in the Rhine bridges in the city center, the courtyard of apartment buildings – are used by many municipal points looked and admired.
Thyssen skyscraper
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