Michele Bombatomica The Crooked Debut Of

You take a young, revolutionary, misfit of Verona and a band of musical illiterate and you’ll get Michele Bombatomica. Michele Bombatomica is a flexible ensamble ensamble, headed by Michele Darrel Bertoldi,…
who at the acoustic resonances of squeeze-box, trumpet, tuba and contrabass, joins the croakiest electric guitars and lap steel, setting up an absolutely brilliant folk-rock.
Their first record will be release on May 3rd and it’s called: The Crooked Debut Of…
It includes some really eclectic traits, mixed with melancholic, catchy and attractive resonances, by the twisted and involving voice of Michele Darrel Bertoldi, the singer, and by the lyrics in English (or French, as in Liar, or Italian, as in Bar). This particular mix of music and lyrics have gipsy traits thanks to the fascinating folk-rock worthy of the worst pub of Caracas, or “maybe” in every pub after the fifth consecutive glass of red wine.
The Crooked Debut Of…, had the first informal debut on Saturday April 9th at Interzona, but it will be officially presented on May 11th at the Fnac Bookstore in Verona.

01. I’m All Right
02. Shot You Down
03. Liar
04. Money Comes And Money Goes
05. Bar
06. All Gone Now
07. Nonsense Song To Sing Along
08. Devil On My Back
09. Never Return
10. Flower Song For Barefoot Dancers
11. Zombie Love Song

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