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Roskilde Festival has a genuine Americana package ready for today. While today’s acts come from both sides of the Atlantic, all three names have country, folk and rustic, all-American songwriting as a starting point.

BRIGHT EYES (US) has gone from being a breathlessness-struck teenager to a fully mature songwriter with air under his wings, political indignation and a great arsenal of musical effects. Front man Conor Oberst’s easily recognised voice enjoys the company of well-written songs that in an instant can go from flickering beautifully and quietly as a candle to bursting out in a sea of flames of emotional rock. Alternative folk rock in American wide-screen from an artist that many has proclaimed a new Bob Dylan.
CODY (DK) plays pop songs in a charming country and folk wrapping. Kaspar Kaae is Cody’s band leader, songwriter and artistic driving force. Single-handedly, he produces Americana-sounding pop hits with a perfect American accent. In concert a whole group of musical esquires join him on stage. This way, Cody’s lonely starting point is turned into a collective experience lifted by violins, lap steel guitar and banjo.
JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE (US) is no less than the son of American country rock legend Steve Earle – yet, he seems convincing in his insistence of marking his own territory. With a rough life behind him, Earle has lots of material to write songs from, loaded with the isolation and hard-earned experiences of country music. At the same time it is clear to hear that this is a new generation singing. As a member of the mp3 generation he can easily skip between different genres such as blues, folk, hillbilly and honky tonk. Earle junior follows inventively and respectfully in his father’s footsteps.
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