Sangit and the new album where the thundergiants sleep –

The first solo album of former LSD lead singer Sangit is as much a pop/rock as well as a singer/songwriter product.
The music can and should be played by every music radio station in the world.

The strengths of the album lie in both the songwriting and the extraordinary voice of the artist.
Sangit sings, shouts and whispers. He confesses secrets and tells of light and dark and how you need it all. He tells of love and why we somestimes don’t find it.
The styles of the thirteen songs are in the field of classical pop-rock, independent-shamanic and even blues.
The connecting element is always the voice and the use of guitars which are rather unobtrusive and not really ‘heroic’, but they always support the songs and create a beautiful framework of woven single notes.
Originally Sangit is a bass player and especially gifted on the fretless instrument. Thus the connection between rhythm and melody adds to the strong harmonious content of the album.
He played and recorded all the instruments on the CD himself in his modest home studio.

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