ESC 2011 – 1st semi-final in Dusseldorf – the participants

Now it starts but the samples, the participants in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 behind him, it is now scraping the barrel for the first time.

Nineteen countries will join in today’s first semifinal, in the ESC-German semi-final called for. Of these 19 countries will be participating for the European viewers voting on ten countries in the finals on 14th May 2011.
Photo: Photographer: TVP / Jan Bogacz, Ireneusz Sobieszczuk – Magdalena from Poland Tul launches the first Semifinal
Stefan Raab and Judith Rakers have this evening on the 10th May 2011 PRO SEVEN then from 21 clock also her first major appearance. Moderate but all three TV shows, as the two semi finals and the grand finale on Saturday. It may Lena-discoverer and promoter Stefan Raab not be partisan, but must, as he himself at Eurovision Total TV-Show said, “everyone likes”.
The first song we will hear today abendvon the Polish Magdalena Tul and then it goes very fast. We will be hearing quite consistently upbeat songs, and even today are of course quite a few favorites here, the English even at the. Bookmakers are rated very high.
Participants 1  Semi-Finals ESC 2011 in Dusseldorf on 10 Mai 2011-21 Clock PRO 7
1. Poland – Magda Tul with the song “Jestem”
2. Norway – Stella Mwangi with the song “Haba Haba”
3. Albania – Aurela Gace with the song “Feel the Passion”
4. Armenia – Emmy with the song “Boom Boom”
5. Turkey – Yüksek Sadakat with the song “Live It Up ”
6. Serbia – Nina with the song “Caroban”
7. Russia – Alexey Vorobyov with the song “Get You ”
8. Switzerland – Anna Rossinelli with the song “In Love for a While”
9. Georgia – Eldrine with the song “One More Day ”
10. Finland – Paradise Oscar with the song “Da Da Dam”
11. Malta – Glen Vella with the song “One Life ”
12. San Marino – Senit with the song “Stand By”
13. Croatia – Daria Kinzer with the song “Celebrate”
14. Iceland – Sigurjón’s Friends with the song “Coming Home”
15. Hungary – Katie Wolf with the song “What About My Dreams”
16. Portugal – Homens da Luta with the song “Luta é alegria”
17. Lithuania – Evelina Sašenko with the song “C’est ma vie”
18. Azerbaijan – Ell & Nikki in the song “Running Scared”
19. Greece – Loukas Giorkas feat. Stereo Mike with the song “Watch My Dance ”
Among today’s favorites e.g. Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan close to the top again.
And then we will watch this evening all the participants even know. It is intended to give this time many small “Lena”with the participants in this. Imprints from the last year also. We’ll see. Lena herself said yesterday in any case in a TV interview on this very issue, they would have no further Lenas under the ESC participants seen … – well, we look again.
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Photo: Photographer: TVP / Jan Bogacz, Ireneusz Sobieszczuk
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