ESC 2011 – All participants in the final on Saturday – Lena wins again?

Now, after the second semi-final, all participants of the Eurovision Song Contest final set Eurovision song contest on Saturday. 25 countries compete for the title at the ESC 2011.  And this year it can be especially exciting as we believe increased by not only the quality of the contributions, but also at least 5-6 songs are, could reach the number 1. The evaluation can therefore be very exciting.
The complete list of participants at the ESC 2011 final:
01. Finland
02. Bosnia & Herzegovina
03. Denmark
04. Lithuania
05. Hungary
06. Ireland
07. Sweden
08. Estonia
09. Greece
10. Russia
11. France
12. Italy
13. Switzerland
14. United Kingdom
15. Moldova
16. Germany
17. Romania
18. Austria
19. Azerbaijan
20. Slovenia
21. Iceland
22. Spain
23. Ukraine
24. Serbia
25. Georgia
(order of appearance)
For a result but many are eagerly German:
What place will get Lena?

When it comes to the fans, it will be hot tomorrow late in the evening like this:The sensation is perfect, Lena brings again the title at the ESC 2011.
Or: “Lena can be satisfied, a wonderful fifth place at the ESC 2011
And then of course there are the numerous Lena opponents, certainly after the ESC would rather read these headlines:
# 25 – Lena goes dark under – Europe off the border
or “The end of Lena” Worst place for Germany in years
We are also excited about what we will write tomorrow night here at this point in the magazine after the ESC 2011
In any case, it is very exciting. We wish all participants good luck!
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