ESC 2011 – Thursday 2 Semi-final in Dusseldorf – the participants

Uupps! As well have some last night, thought or declared. Turkey and Norway have not been selected into the final. Absolute favorites and now no longer there. The Euro Vision Song Contest is always good for a surprise. Right now, I think even back in either a win or the total Lenas crash because no one begrudge again Lena.

But on 12 May 2011 from 9pm  in the TV station DAS ERSTE  the 2nd semi final turn.
And since the real favorites are launched, including Ireland and Denmark, Sweden and Israel. Nine countries are forced to resign. Whether it will crash again Favorites? We’ll see.
Here is the list of participants in the 2nd semi-final / semi final on Thursday 12 May 2011. (Order of appearance)
1. Bosnia and Herzegovina – Dino Merlin with the song “Love in Rewind”
2. Austria – Nadine Beiler with the song “The Secret Is Love”
3. Netherlands – 3JS with the song “Never Alone”
4. Belgium – chicory Bay with the song “With Love Baby”
5. Slovakia – Twiin with the song “I’m Still Alive”
6. Ukraine – Mika Newton with the song “Angel”
7. Moldova – Zdob Zdub i with the song “So Lucky”
8. Sweden – Eric Saade with the song “Popular”
9. Cyprus – Christos Mylordos with the song “San Angelo s’agapisa”
10 Bulgaria – Poli Genova with the song “Na inat”
11. Macedonia – Vlatko Ilievski with the song “Rusinka”
12. Israel – Dana International with the song “Ding Dong”
13. Slovenia – Maja Keuc with the song “No One”
14. Romania – Hotel FM with the song “Change”
15. Estonia – Getter Jaani with the song “Rockefeller Street”
16. Belarus – Anastasia Winnikawa with the song “I Love Belarus
17. Latvia – Musiqq with the song “Angel in Disguise”
18. Denmark – A Friend in London with the song “New Tomorrow”
19. Ireland – Jedward with the song “Lipstick”
The main thing is, tomorrow does not come back from the sound, so smooth you get the idea that not only Germany is defended in the Hindu Kush, but the ESC will now be transferred even from Afghanistan. A giant mishap yesterday. How to properly Peter Urban said: “This must not happen just …”
And tomorrow may be allowed to vote and the Germans. Guide affected phone numbers for voting will be eingeblendt each of the ARD in the current program. And Anke Engelke, Stefan Raab and Judith Rakers will delight us again with a nice presentation.
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