Roskilde Festival – Patti Smith commemorates the 2000 accident on Orange Stage

News from Roskilde-Festval 2010: Patti Smith and her guitarist Lenny Kaye mark the accident in 2000 when nine young people died. The two American musicians will – together with the rest of us – commemorate Roskilde Festival’s worst night ever. It takes place at the opening of Orange Stage, before the music starts playing.
“Asking Patti Smith was an obvious choice. And to our delight, we received a reply from her within a few hours – she’d love to come and was very honoured to be asked,” says music director Rikke Øxner.
Helped restore the festival in 2001
Patti Smith helped raise the audience from grief and meaninglessness with a life-affirming concert in 2001, the year after the accident.
“She helped everybody listening find their spirits and festival courage again,” as Rikke Øxner puts it.
And for the American singer and poet it was not just a usual day on stage:
“The accident also made a deep impression on her and so did the memory of a beautiful afternoon on Orange Stage in 2001 when 50,000 people rediscovered the meaning of life through the music,” says Rikke Øxner.
The commemoration takes place as a separate part of the programme and does not replace the actual concert with the great lady whom we get the pleasure of hearing on Saturday, also on Orange Stage.
Roskilde Festival 1 – 4 July 2010. Warm-up from 27 June

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