The ESC 2011 Top 10 – France is the leader – Amaury Vassili with Sognu

Like last year we would like to present this year again, the favorites for the Eurovision Song Contest. And that again with reference to the list of English. Bookmakers, the betting in their correct order but have a rather hammer out. At least to some extent.

To some extent can even the current plot by Google to be correct, see the Lena at # 1. The bookmakers currently see France with the participant and the song Amaury Vassili Sognu in first place in the Eurovision Song Contest Dusseldorf 2011th
With Amaury Vassili France sends an opera singer in the race. Whether you like it, of course, is absolutely a matter of taste. As we type in any case, Lena ahead of France. So wait …
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Photo: France 3
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