ESC 2011 – Has Lena been the song for Germany? – Taken By A Stranger

When Lena is somehow everything is different. Other artists sometimes need years or even decades to get their own show, Lena has three of them. We are talking about the three-part show “Our Song for Germany,” started last night on Pro Sieben.

Lena defended the title for the Euro Vision Song Contest and “must” therefore like to present a total of twelve different songs, six songs yesterday, another six on next Monday 7 February 2011, also from 20.15 clock on Pro Sieben, and then in the third show in the First Friday of the 18th February, select the viewer from the song titles, six selected for Germany, for € Song Contest in Dusseldorf.
The six songs that were presented yesterday, were consistently quite nice, but they must certainly also once heard frequently in order to find really good. Or not so good. All twelve songs are way on the new CD by Lena Meyer-Landrut – to hear Good News.
But a song is already crystallized out yesterday and was immediately taken and that the audience applauded enthusiastically: Taken By A Stranger – written by Monica Birkenes, Gus Seyffert and Nicole Morier. A little Cure, a little dark, but something different, unusual. Whether all the conditions for success, however high enough always, the ESC 2011, one knows not quite. Is perhaps not fast enough. You know, the Europeans are many ways to fleet.
Yesterday selected then the fleet number was Maybe, but the song What Happened To Me, jointly organized by Stefan Raab and Lena was written.
Which song has meant Stefan Raab TV Total but yesterday even as a secret favorite, we do not know. But also to tap Taken By A Stranger.
Next Monday but yes get another six songs that will be presented and since we also have a few surprises may be in.
Far more than the six songs were from the female spectators in the Sall and the TV screens but figured the various outfits of Lena and probably admired. Lena had to every song a different dress from long to short, from sexy to conservative. And not just black, Lena came in bright colors on the stage.
Stefanie Kloss (Silver Moon) and Der Graf (Unheilig) complemented the jury by Stefan Raab, also gave legal expert statements from the individual songs, and were not critical. Inter alia Here, one should also remember the songs that they have to arrive in Europe. Where the jury is right, even after the Germans have not necessarily in the awarding of the points in Dusseldorf in 2011 ESC like. The rest of Europe must find our song great.
Well, let’s wait it – Feel your Heart beat – the motto for the Escape in 2011, is one even now, on our search for the song for Germany.
On can look at all the songs in the video and listen to it again.
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