ESC 2011 – Lena's Song Taken By A Stranger has won

Today won tonight at the show Our Song for Germany Lena’s Song Taken By A Stranger. This song goes to ESC 2011 with  Lena on 14 May 2011 in Dusseldorf and would like the title at the Eurovision Song Contest defend.

The song is crystallized in the run-out as an absolute favorite and in this case we can only give legal Stefan Raab: A real favorite!
Of course, Taken By A Stranger is ultimately a matter of taste, and if one looks at present on Twitter, there are (like last year at Lena’s Satellite), many opponents who can once again rattling down completely absurd reviews and criticism.
But we think this song has what:
For each listener, who is only halfway to rhythm, catch automatically after a few seconds to teeter on the feet. And waiting. And waiting. The song generated a voltage to the last bar. And indeed surprised that the song is over. But was caught by the song and it is even later. And he is strengthened in the ear. Is it like a thriller.
An unusual song, but it should arrive in other countries because it “but I’ve heard that before,” in contrast to many other songs never a dull moment and the famous triggers. A catchy tune. listen to the younger people in Europe to become one.
Also last year has been much grumbling about Satellite and yet we were winners in Oslo. To a new first place one should think not, but in the top ten, we will certainly succeed.
We we wrote in our article on this evening: “Nice Guy” – again!
And that’s what we do with Taken By A Stranger. We at least want to Lena success – and will have them.
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